Liberal Pundits Rush To Defend Fetterman After Disastrous PA Debate Performance

Morning Joe and The View desperately cover for Fetterman's debate meltdown with only days to go until the midterm elections.

Image Credits: screenshots/MSNBC; ABC.

Prominent left-wing media figures are rushing to the defense of Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman (D) following his catastrophic debate performance on Tuesday against Republican candidate Mehmet Oz.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and the hosts of “The View” ran cover for Fetterman’s halting, cringeworthy, and at times incoherent debate performance stemming from his recent stroke.

Scarborough argued that Fetterman’s terrible performance may garner sympathy from Pennsylvania voters.

“There may be a lot of Pennsylvania voters having difficult times, and they’ll look at Fetterman and say ‘He’s struggling, he got knocked down, I’ve been knocked down in my life too. I’m going to fight my way back just like him.’ You never know how these things are going to break,” Scarborough said Wednesday.

Likewise, “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin claimed Fetterman showed “real bravery” taking the debate stage in his post-stroke state, but insisted that his “cognitive abilities” weren’t at all compromised.

“It takes real bravery to allow people to see your weakness, right? And we know that Fetterman’s cognitive abilities have not been compromised,” Hostin said.

Ironically, after previously mocking Georgia’s GOP senate candidate Herschel Walker’s “brain damage” and claiming Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) looked like he “had a stroke,” co-host Joy Behar defended Fetterman despite his disastrous debate performance.

“Fetterman’s kinda like, with the stroke and without the stroke, is not as slick. But he has ideas and he has governed,” Behar argued.

The Philadelphia Inquirer went as far as to claim Fetterman actually won the debate, rating his performance a 4.3/5 against Oz’s 4.1/5.

Other media figures simply feigned outraged that users on social media were criticizing Fetterman’s objectively terrible performance.

Despite the liberal media’s nonsensical defense of Fetterman’s awful performance, other more sober mainstream media networks like CNN, The Washington Post, Axios, and Politico begrudgingly acknowledged the reality of Fetterman’s meltdown.

From Axios:

Multiple sources wondered why Fetterman agreed to debate when he clearly wasn’t ready. Fetterman struggled at times to respond to the moderators’ questions, even with the assistance of a closed captioning device. “Why the hell did Fetterman agree to this?” one Democratic lawmaker and Fetterman backer told Axios. “This will obviously raise more questions than answers about John’s health.”

From The Washington Post:

It was a rough night. . . . Fetterman was halting, in keeping with his recent public performances, including an NBC News interview. He began by saying ‘Good night,’ rather than ‘Good evening.’ He often started a thought and shifted course without finishing it. He used the wrong words. He mostly tried to play it safe by sticking to boilerplate issue positions rather than going in-depth on policies. 

Fortunately, Pennsylvania voters couldn’t ignore Fetterman’s obvious blunders, pauses, and wandering sentences, concluding that the Democrat candidate is not fit to be senator.

The midterm elections take place on November 8.

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