Liberal Woman’s Video Complaining About Struggle To Find ‘Masculine’ Leftist Man Goes Viral

Many people online are telling the woman a masculine liberal is an oxymoron

Image Credits: tik tok ms_petch screenshot.

A left-wing Los Angeles Tik Tok user called @ms_petch is going viral this week for a video she recently posted groaning about how hard it is for her to find a liberal man who is “masculine.”

Describing herself as a “liberal woman,” the Tik Toker said it’s “really hard to find a man who is willing to play the more masculine traditional role in the relationship who is not a conservative.”

@ms_petch Dating realizations 2023 #dating #love #partner #women #men #couples #lovers #marriage #liberal #republican #conservative ♬ original sound – Petch🖤

The woman described some “traditional” things she’d like these liberal men to do, such as paying for the first date, opening the door for the female and having a desire to provide for them.

Next, the social media attention seeker admitted she was unsure what to do with her dating life because she doesn’t want to “compromise” her “morals” and “values” just to find a man.

Political propaganda is literally warping the minds of America’s youth and dividing the nation.

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