License To Kill: How Emergency Health Powers Are Used For Depopulation

Get a firsthand account of what medical tyranny can do to a family

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Scott Schara was devastated when his daughter died in the hospital, supposedly from Covid-19.

He had to listen in horror as Grace was dying – begging over FaceTime for the hospital staff to help her as they dismissively told him she was DNR (Do Not Resuscitate.)

He had never authorized that and things weren’t adding up, so he turned from a grieving father to a researcher pouring over the documents he received with the help of a lawyer.

Schara now believes his daughter was targeted and killed by the hospital because she had Down Syndrome.

His lawsuit against an Ascension Hospital in Wisconsin is ongoing.

In the meantime, Schara has had to turn his tragedy into a fight to save other people’s lives.

He continues to research and even started a podcast to spread the word.

To learn more, visit Grace’s website: