Lindsey Graham Visits Benjamin Netanyahu, Holds Sign Demanding U.S. Give ‘More For Israel’

What a way to celebrate Memorial Day!

Image Credits: Screenshot.

South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham (R) visited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday to demand the US give “More For Israel” in addition to the $40 billion Congress just agreed to give them and the $735 million in precision-guided missiles the Biden regime has agreed to sell them

“Great meeting this morning in Jerusalem with @IsraeliPM Netanyahu,” Graham tweeted. “‘More for Israel’ to help protect and defend from Hamas rocket attacks.”

Netanyahu heaped praise on Graham for his slavish devotion.

The demonic scum that has hijacked our Country is planning to indict President Trump as America prepares to celebrate its independence on July 4th. The threat of Donald Trump seizing the power and returning it back to the people is too great. The attacks will begin again on a massive scale. But like all of the previous attacks it will fail and once again validate the weakness of the deep state and its minions as they fly in the face of treason.

What a way to celebrate Memorial Day!