Lisa Page Controversy Reveals How Moral Decay Leads to Societal Collapse

Taking directions from a broken moral compass leads you to the DC Swamp

Image Credits: Marie Hickman / Getty.

While scholar Jonathan Turley has been spot on with his legal analysis of DC corruption, he’s overlooked how corruption is fueled by moral decay, which in turn leads to societal collapse as has been the case throughout human history.

In particular, Turley recently commented on how ex-FBI lawyer Lisa Page was recently hired by NBC & MSNBC to be their newest legal analyst and, needless to say, Page gained notoriety for her controversial role in the failed Russiagate probe as the mistress to fired FBI Agent Peter Strzok, as revealed by the Justice Dept.

The legal scholar believes President Trump has a “legitimate reason to object” to Page’s hiring “as do those who expect analysis from experts without a personal stake in the ongoing investigations.”

However, Turley also prefaced his comment with the following:

I have denounced President Trump for his repeated and often vicious references to Page’s affair with fired FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok. There is no excuse for such personal abuse.

Regardless of whether Turley is right on this one, it sounds like President Trump was actually attacking Page’s credibility, even if Turley doesn’t appreciate his method of doing so. After all, if Page is willing to conceal an affair, then why should the American public believe a word she says?

And if FBI employees in general lack a moral compass, then how can the agency as a whole function with dignity?

It won’t, and corruption is, of course, the expected result.

A lack of morals generally corresponds to a lack of discipline, which is the virtue that gives morality structure and shape.

Case in point, for Christians observing Lent, it take discipline for them to adhere to their moral practices of abstaining from meat and other self-opposed ‘vices.’

But discipline also exists outside of theology. Frankly speaking, it takes discipline for the federal government to adhere to the rule of law, as one definition of discipline is “control obtained by enforcing compliance,” i.e. controlling the government by forcing compliance to the Constitution.

If federal agents reject discipline in favor of a “don’t judge, do what feels good” philosophy, then how can a society survive without a discipline-driven rule of law? How can it do anything besides fail?

History books are riddled with civilizations that have collapsed after a period of decadence.