Live Coverage of Portland Street Battles, Reporters On The Ground

Portland Police struggle to contain the violence as riots intensify into the night -- tune in for breaking developments here!

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Update: Portland Antifa and Black Lives Matter have regrouped and is once again prowling residential neighborhoods.

Intense street brawls erupted between Antifa/BLM militants and conservative groups in downtown Portland, Oregon, on Saturday as police struggled to contain the violence.

Infowars reporter Savanah Hernandez is on the ground covering the latest developments as the clashes go on into the evening.

Footage from earlier in the day shows brutal clashes between hundreds of Antifa and several conservative factions outside the Multnomah County Justice Center during their dueling rallies.

Police and Department of Homeland Security Forces moved after Antifa/BLM outnumbered the conservative factions present, which were the Proud Boys, Troops For Trump, and Blue Lives Matter protesters.

Action 7 heads to Portland for night 1 of riot coverage. ANTIFA marched through neighborhoods surrounding Irving Park, a place they deemed “the most racist neighborhood in Portland” and ended their night by destroying 3 police cars at the North Police Precinct.