Lock Her Up! Donald Trump Jr. Sports AR-15 Showing Hillary Behind Bars

The president's son continues to 'trigger' the left without a care in the world

Donald Trump Jr. posted a set of pictures to his Instagram account on Sunday showing off a new AR-15 rifle equipped with a magazine showing a picture of Hillary Clinton in prison.

“Nice day at the range. Rare Breed Firearms and Spikes Tactical adding a little extra awesome to my AR and that mag… 🔥,” Don Jr. said in his caption.

Unsurprisingly, liberals on Twitter freaked out and had to put their two cents in on the matter.

One blue checkmark user said, “I can’t wait til that treasonous little motherfucker Donald Trump Jr is in prison.”

Author and mainstream media commentator Ruth Ben-Ghiat called Don Jr., “a far right extremist and thug.”

Democratic strategist Peter Daou wrote, “These are loathsome people. Fake warriors. Weaklings. Cowards. In Lebanon, the real fighters I grew up with would have choice Arabic words to describe him.”

Daily Beast columnist Dean Obeidallah asked Trump Jr., “instead of showing off how you can kill animals or shoot at the range why not join US military so you can fight your dad’s war?”

Right Wing Watch’s Jared Holt questioned Donald Jr.’s sanity.

A writer for the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post named Brian Klaas called the post, “So insane & appalling.”

Akil N. Awan, a Senior Fellow at the Center for Global Policy, compared the Crusader imagery on the rifle to “propaganda used by Far-Right terrorists.”

One Twitter user photoshopped a massive black dildo into Trump Jr.’s hands.

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