LOCKSTEP PHASE 2 – New World Order Going Loud: Animals React

What's behind recent strange animal behavior witnessed around the globe?

Image Credits: banned.video.

We are inundated with propaganda fabricating one engineered New World Order crisis directive after another.

This comes as the Mockingbird media sets the bait while preening itself with million-dollar salaries feeding a smoldering American culture and Hegelian Dialectic talking points.

Ordinary humans continue to ask far more intriguing questions that will never be asked or answered in prime time for fear of being labeled a conspiracy theory.

Questions like, why are animals and insects all over the world suddenly forming moving concentric circles?

From sheep to turtles to turkeys to dogs to ants. Earlier this month, the Chinese state news outlet People’s Daily posted this video from the Chinese Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The flock of sheep had been going in circles for more than ten days.

Could it possibly be a reaction to the progress of the Higgs Boson particle collider materializing the God Particle at CERN? Could it be that Earth’s magnetic poles are shifting? Or is it Phase 2 of Operation Lockstep materializing where a ramped-up 5G attacks the immune system of those that took the vaccines?

If so, could the change be sending the animal kingdom with varying degrees of natural magnetism into circular repetition?

After witnessing this video of ants reacting to a cell phone ringing, Australian entomologist Nigel Andrew from the University of New England surmised that “A lot of ants use magnetism to orientate themselves; have magnetic receptors in their antennae,” he said. “If they’re traveling long distances they use magnetic cues from Earth to know if they are going north, east, south or west.”

Early signs of phase 2 include noncompliant Covid fines being replaced with jail time, most non-essential travel placed under lockdown, an increase of military checkpoints, a soft rollout of population tracking via mandatory Covid passports and more large-scale food shortages forcing people only access to essential products or services if they are awarded permission.

And anyone that disagrees mysteriously disappears.

They must roll out phase 2 before it is too late.

Many are realizing that the Flu numbers don’t add up and that dying suddenly has become far too common.

They must be stopped before Phase 3 results in the release of a weaponized SARS/HIV/MERS virus that will make a nuclear war look like sympathy.