Looting gang target LA Nordstrom stealing pricy handbags and assaulting security guard in latest example of ‘organized smash and grab’ raids in California

Image Credits: Screenshot.

A looting gang have targeting an LA Nordstrom, making off with eight luxury handbags and assaulting a cop in the latest in a string of smash-and-grab raids which are plaguing California. 

Five people, one wearing an orange wig, entered the open store in Canoga Park shortly before 7pm on Wednesday and sprayed a security guard with ‘some kind of chemical’ in front of terrified shoppers, police said.

The thieves sped off and managed to escape despite multiple police cruisers, as well as fire trucks and ambulances, responding to the raid.

It is the eighth smash-and-grab raid in California the last week where thieves have made off with tens of thousands of dollars in luxury goods, amid soft misdemeanor theft laws in the Democrat-run state. 

Around 20 robbers smashed their way into a Nordstrom at The Grove retail complex in LA on Monday night, making off with $5,000 worth of merchandise; and a CVS pharmacy in the city was struck just an hour later, where looters stole $8,000 from a cash register. 

Owen Shroyer is absolutely outraged today at the biggest lie Joe Biden has ever told and that the mainstream media and Republican Party will let him get away with that. But worse than that, Biden is sealing the fate of the American devastation. Alex Jones and Jimmy Levy join to discuss the music industry and the battle between good and evil. Headlines are broken down showing the bias in news coverage from the Rittenhouse case to the Arbery case and the Waukesha massacre. Owen makes a prediction on what all the organized retail crime will eventually lead to just before the midterm elections.

Law enforcement say that mercenary thieves are being recruited for up to $1,000 to steal the expensive goods which are then shipped across state lines and sold on the internet. The sophisticated method makes it harder for cops to track the criminals. 

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