Los Angeles to Strip Over $100 Million From Police Budget, Redirect to ‘Communities of Color’

Move comes amid calls from rioters, celebrities to 'defund police'

Image Credits: Mario Tama/Getty Images.

Los Angeles officials have revealed plans to cut up to $150 million from the city’s police budget and redirect those funds to ‘communities of color.’

Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the move on Wednesday as Los Angeles City Council members introduced legislation to “reprioritize public safety dollars in order to reinvest funding for other vital services, including those to uplift disenfranchised communities.”

Between $100 and $150 million is to be stripped from law enforcement as part of a broader plan to gather a $250 million slush fund to be invested “in jobs, in health, in education and in healing” in the “black community… as well as communities of color, and women, and people who have been left behind for too long,” Garcetti said during a press conference.

Cuts will be made in “every department, including the police department, because we all have to be part of this solution together. We all have to step up and say, ‘What can we sacrifice?'”

Garcetti thanked protesters, saying they are helping in the effort to “end racism.”

He claimed the “vast majority” of law enforcement officers want to “take the classes, to learn the training, to go inward” to help make the “pain of this country” go away.

Los Angeles has been rocked by days of violence, looting, and attacks on police as mob riots sweep the nation.

Protesters demanding governments “defund the police” have been joined by Democrat political operatives and celebrities who have signed a petition calling to “Defund Police. Defend Black Lives.”

In New York City, Comptroller Scott Stringer is now urging Mayor Bill de Blasio to cut $1.1 billion from the NYPD budget over four years in order to “scale down” the police force and transfer funding “toward vulnerable communities most impacted by police violence and structural racism.”

In Minneapolis, city councilors are reportedly discussing disbanding the police department altogether.

Alex Jones revisits documents he exposed two years ago detailing an organized effort to create racial division and civil unrest in America funded by George Soros.

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