Loyalty Screening: Pentagon Discusses Politically Vetting National Guard Troops Ahead of Inauguration

Image Credits: cspan.

A Pentagon spokesperson discussed how National Guard soldiers helping to protect Wednesday’s inauguration activities are being politically vetted ahead of the event.

At a press conference Tuesday, Chief Pentagon spokesperson Jonathan Hoffman described the military is relieving soldiers who have exhibited “questionable” behavior, no questions asked.

“These are vetting efforts that identify any questionable behavior in the past, or any potential link to questionable behavior, not just related to extremism… But as Gen. Hokanson mentioned, we’re not asking questions right now,” Hoffman said.

“We’re not asking questions of people who are flagged. We are out of an abundance of caution taking action and immediately removing them from the line of duty at the capitol and the events taking place. And then we will address them whether it’s through law enforcement if necessary or through their own chain of command.”

OANN reporter Jack Posobiec reports from a White House source the FBI is identifying potential “extremists” by checking social media profiles for any affiliations with the NRA, Turning Point USA and other conservative organizations.

Several people on social media pointed out the move was indicative of a military coup.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott was also incensed by the purity tests after sending 1,000 national guard soldiers to DC as support.

As of writing, 12 out 25,000 national guard members were removed ahead of the inauguration.

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