Lt. Gen. Flynn: Americans Tired of Waiting on Durham Probe, Trump Will Win

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Former National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn says Americans are tired of waiting for the results of John Durham’s investigation, and is certain President Donald Trump has a 10 out of 10 chance of being inaugurated on Jan. 20th.

Flynn gave his take on the matters during an appearance on Fox Business’ Mornings with Maria Wednesday.

On the Durham probe:

“In terms of Barr and Durham, I would say that we obviously know that things are happening… I’m a little bit disappointed. I would say I give a lot of room, space, to Bill Barr because I think he’s certainly had to deal with a swampy DOJ and that’s very clear. Durham, I don’t know. I know that the American people are sick and tired of waiting. People are sick and tired of waiting. We know because it’s been laid out in spades by several members of Congress in terms of crimes committed. So, people just want to make sure that our government is also taking care of itself in terms of accountability and that Durham situation is just a big part of that right now, and people are tired of it.”

On Texas SCOTUS case challenging 2020 election results, and his belief Trump emerge victorious:

First of all, lower courts I think have shown a lack of courage to make decisions based on what is mounting and really credible evidence that’s been placed in front of them… The Supreme Court and our constitutional process in this country – first of all, this should never happen again, this should not be happening, but it is – the Supreme Court will not make decisions to change the election one way or the other. What the Supreme Court is going to do and should do is they should decide on constitutional issues. So, the outcome of the Texas suit, as an example, may not be one that people like, or totally understand, but what I think the Supreme Court will do is push things back to the states and say, ‘Look, there’s a process. The state legislatures are supposed to be the deciders in this case…’ So, we the people of this country should decide this election. The court system should not decide it.

“So, the Supreme Court will make decisions based on the Constitution. They will probably, more than likely, push it back to the states and tell the states, ‘It’s your decision,’ and the state legislatures are going to have to decide. That’s the way we want it to happen. That’s the way our Constitution is designed.

And all these people that worry about the 8th or 14th of December, there’s only one date that really matters right now and that’s the inauguration date, and if you ask Mike Flynn on a scale of 1 to 10 who’s going to be the next president, I’ll tell you at a ten that it’s going to be Donald Trump.

President Trump issued a presidential pardon of his former national security adviser last month going into the Thanksgiving weekend.

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