Mainstream Media Hides The NWO Agenda

Establishment media distracts while your rights are swept away

Image Credits: infowars.

When it came to the Hunter Biden scandal that could have derailed globalist puppet Joe Biden the lamestream media was there.

When it came to aiding and abetting a biological weapon from China-funded by our own government the mockingbird media was there.

When it came to spewing out nonsense regarding vaccinated people needing to be protected from the unvaccinated, the drive-by media indoctrination was there.

When it comes to all opposition to the NWO narrative of the planks of the Communistic technocratic Great Reset, mainstream implantation was there.

You can always count on the treasonous sycophantic self-righteous dolts shilling out hours of selfdom disguised as journalism to assume that everyone who accepts them into their living room is a complete moron that can’t think for themselves.

But the receipts are stacking up and just like any force that dares to arrogantly obscure the truth, the foundation supporting the propaganda will eventually crumble.