Mainstream News Segment Reveals Australian Actress Had ‘Violently Bad Reaction’ To Last Covid Jab

'She's really down for the count,' said actress' co-star.

Image Credits: oxinoxi / Getty.

Australian actor Ian Smith revealed his co-star Anne Charleston of the show Harold & Madge suffered a “violently bad reaction” to her latest Covid shot.

Making an appearance on 7News Australia’s The Morning Show, Smith revealed Charleston couldn’t join him on the interview due to her illness.

When one of the show’s hosts mentioned Charleston had to cancel her appearance last minute, Smith replied, “That’s right, yes. I was on my way here in a cab and she called me. She had a violently bad reaction to her last Covid shot and oh, poor love. She’s really down for the count.”

The medical establishment has continued to lie to patients about the potential dangers linked to the experimental mRNA jabs and people continue to suffer due to the lack of transparency.

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