Major Exclusive! Doctors Confirm Pfizer Covid Jabs Cause Blood Clots & Contain Junk Material Unsafe For Humans

Researchers conclude the shot has three life-threatening issues.

Image Credits: infowars.

Dr. Richard Fleming Ph.D., MD, JD performed microscopic examinations of the Pfizer Covid vaccine’s reaction with human blood, and the results were disturbing.

The following exclusive report in collaboration with Infowars in order to bring as much attention as possible to the groundbreaking finds.

The investigation was performed in collaboration with Kevin McCairn Ph.D. after the FDA failed to adequately clarify questions Dr. Fleming previously sent the agency.

“We decided to investigate what’s actually in these drug vaccines, but we did more than people have done in the past with simply putting drops of the vaccine under a microscope,” Dr. Fleming said in an exclusive report. “The real question is what does this drug vaccine actually do when it hits the blood?”

The doctors examined Dr. McCairn’s blood under the microscope and then looked at the blood combined with saline.

Next, they mixed the Pfizer BioNTech into the blood and compared it with the saline sample.

They also looked at the vaccine by itself, the saline by itself, and repeated these steps many times.

Recordings of blood under the microscope show what red blood cells look like normally, when combined with saline, and when combined with the Pfizer jab.

In the area where the shot was added, red blood cells were seen “thinning out and losing some of their red color.”

Dr. Fleming explained, “You can see now cells beginning to float together and they are beginning to clump… This shows the loss of either the oxygen or hemoglobin being pulled out and the clumping now, this inflammation and blood-clotting, that’s occurring with red blood cells just simply with the addition of the vaccine, and this only took a minute or two to really be seen.”

After another minute, the red blood cells had lost even more of their oxygen-carrying capacity.

Still images from the microscope show the spot where the Pfizer jab was dropped, resulted in the oxygen or hemoglobin in the red cells it came in contact with turning light red or pink while the surrounding blood remained dark red and full of oxygen.

“This is not compatible with a good outcome,” Dr. Fleming explained while showing the images.

During the next segment of the presentation, Dr. Fleming addressed the rumors of “little creatures” swimming around in samples of the vaccines.

While they did not find any living specimens in the vaccine, the researchers did find an extraordinary amount of “garbage” crystalline structures and “fibers” floating around that would not normally pass quality control.

The examination of the Pfizer BioNTech Covid vaccine found no graphene, microchips or alien lifeforms.

The doctors did find “a considerable amount of debris and garbage that violates acceptable standards for product liability and certainly is not in keeping with the expected safety of a FDA approved product for injection into people independent of whether that product is fully approved or ‘authorized’ for use under an EUA.”

Not only does the poor quality of the Pfizer jab demonstrate a failure by the FDA, but it’s also a serious legal product liability issue, and any business selling a defective product like this is liable to lawsuits.

Concluding the presentation, Fleming called for the FDA and others to “Replicate this experiment and for the FDA, CDC, and other government agencies to call for an immediate investigation of these three significant problems. Until resolved we are calling for the immediate cessation of the current vaccination program until it can be proven that these three life-threatening problems have been corrected.”

Dr. Fleming will join The Alex Jones Show during Wednesday’s broadcast!