Malkin: Migrant Caravan Organizers “Should Be Prosecuted”

United Nations worst offender of all, she says

Image Credits: ALFREDO ESTRELLA/AFP/Getty Images.

Activist groups encouraging and organizing illegal mass migration to the United States should be prosecuted, says journalist and author Michelle Malkin.

Malkin addressed reports that migrants who participated in recent ‘caravans’ trekking from Central America to the US border are now accusing ‘immigrant rights’ NGOs such as Pueblo Sin Fronteras of recklessly endangering thousands of desperate people.

“It’s a deadly journey, and it is a trek that these migrant caravan organizers have been responsible for years now,” Malkin said during an interview on Fox and Friends. “I think that thanks to the attention that President Trump has given to the dangers of these kinds of journeys, that we’re finally hearing from the victims themselves.”

“People like me have been reporting on this for upwards of 25 years now. And every time that we point out the fact that these enablers, these aiders and abettors are putting these lives at risk by inducing people to make this journey — we’re accused of being racist or xenophobes.”

“Now that these victims themselves are voicing frustration with these people who are using them and exploiting them, maybe there will be real human rights changes that are made as a result of this,” Malkin asserted. “And I do believe . . . that these people should be prosecuted.”

Malkin proposed exploring any enforcement avenues available via international bodies such as the UN, while also slamming the UN as the worst perpetrators of mass migration-related atrocities.

“[The UN] itself should be prosecuted because I believe they are the biggest transnational, open borders enablers of them all,” Malkin said. “Or we try seriously in our country to do something about it because these groups, which operate outside, also have co-conspirators inside our borders.”

“Pueblo Sin Fronteras is loosely connected to an organization in Chicago which has been responsible for bringing people into the country illegally and then providing them sanctuary.”

While Pueblo Sin Fronteras claims that representatives merely accompany migrants to their destinations in order to ‘protect their rights,’ reports indicate the NGO “helped charter the route, arrange bus transportation and negotiate with Mexican officials to provide protection,” and also raised money to for the ‘caravans.’

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