Mammograms Find Lumps In Women’s Breasts Following Covid Shot

Post-shot side effect mimics secondary sign of breast cancer

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Several women in the US have complained about finding lumps in their breasts after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine, reports state.

According to the UK Daily Mail, some women have been experiencing swollen lymph nodes in their breasts on the same side where they administered the vaccine.

The swollen lymphs have sparked worries among women believing them to be tumors indicative of breast cancer.

Valley News Live documented a woman’s panic after finding a large lump following the vaccine.

Just a few days after Beth Nokken got her first dose of the covid vaccine, she woke up to unexpected lumps near her armpit.

And one was the size of a golf ball. So that can be extremely concerning to someone!” she said.

Nokken says, despite being aware that swollen lymph nodes were a symptom, she still had her doctor inspect the lump.

“Because of the way it looked, they were concerned and wanted me to come back and do some follow-up testing,” she said. “I couldn’t just push it to the side and pretend that it was nothing because I think it’s important to make sure that everything is ok.”

Nokken’s doctor says women should be concerned if lymph nodes swell up on both sides of the body – not just where the vaccine was administered.

“It would be very unusual to see it on the other side. If we saw it on both arms, that’s definitely something we would want to work up and it probably would be less likely to be due to a vaccine, and something more is going on there,” said Sanford Health’s Lead Physician of Mammography Dr. Allison Clapp.

The swelling should also only last for approximately two weeks, after which a woman should see a doctor to rule out breast cancer.

“If it doesn’t after a couple of weeks, I would suggest seeing their health care provider,” OU Health breast radiologist Dr. Kelly McDonough told KOCO News. “They’re probably going to recommend they come in for a mammogram and an ultrasound just for us to be able to make sure we don’t see any of those suspicious secondary signs of breast cancer.

Of course, all of this can be avoided simply by not taking the vaccine.

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