Man Allegedly Bathes In Wendy’s Kitchen Sink While Employees Film

Disturbing footage surfaces from Florida fast food joint

Video footage allegedly depicting Wendy’s restaurant employees filming a man bathing in a kitchen sink has surfaced and prompted an investigation, according to local media.

The video was purportedly shot at a Wendy’s location in Milton, Florida, and quickly accumulated over 200,000 views in a matter of hours.

“I don’t suggest anyone eating at the milton wendy’s again,” writes a Facebook user who shared the footage and tagged a Wendy’s store in Milton.

“Oh sh*t. Take a bath, get in there,” a woman behind the camera says. “How’s it feel?”

Multiple observers can be heard laughing as the camera pans to show other people in Wendy’s uniforms filming the spectacle.

“Wash your armpits,” the woman says before retrieving napkins and handing them to the bathing man. “Let’s see those toes, boy. Let’s seem them toes.”

The woman flips the camera around and appears to be wearing a Wendy’s hat. reports that a Wendy’s operations manager is aware of the video and has launched a probe.

The store’s Facebook page has been bombarded with negative comments and reviews by users, many of whom appear to be locals or regular customers.

“Sooo we just let employees take baths in the dish sink?? Where was the on duty manager during this ordeal?” one user asks.

“Fire all those employee that took part in video taping a employee bathing in the sink,” writes another user. “I will never take my family there again.”

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