Man Chronicles Abuse by Liberal Neighbors Over Trump Support

Triggered Dems perpetrate vandalism, theft, destruction of property as election approaches.

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A Trump supporter in Texas has documented weeks of abuse at the hands of his deranged liberal neighbors, who he’s filmed yelling at his home and stealing his campaign signs.

The incidents have been taking place with greater frequency in a quiet neighborhood in South Austin, where most residents are Biden supporters.

Footage from a Nest security camera shows random Austin residents drive by and shout at the man’s home, which has a Trump sign and flag displayed prominently on the front yard.

In one video recording, a neighbor pulls up to the home and regurgitates 2016-era mainstream media insults of Trump , yelling, “Racist! Bigot! Xenophobe!”

The motorist quickly drives off after the heroic act.

In another case, the homeowner – identified as “Todd” – said vandals stole a placard from his yard and later returned it to his property with profanity-laden edits, as seen below in a photo shared exclusively with Infowars.

Another video filmed at night shows two people drive up to the home, get out of a vehicle and take another sign from the yard.

Todd documented the incident on the Next Door app, where he gave a description of the culprits and communicated with neighbors who agreed the acts were inappropriate and childish.

Speaking to Infowars, Todd revealed he’s been approached by other Trump backers in the area who commend him, but are too afraid to display their own support due to possible vandalism or harassment from deranged Democrats.

“And so they thanked me for my courage to put up signs and to stand up in the face of all that. And so that was overwhelming. I’ve had probably over ten different neighbors come up and say something to me positive.”

Todd says the incidents have merely steeled his resolve and reinforced his support for Trump.

“It shows me why I’m on the side that I’m on and why I support Trump. I strongly believe Trump has gone through hell as a president, and somebody that can still get more done than most presidents can get done in eight years in three and a half deserves the presidency.”

“They think they’re going to have an impact on me — well it just made me want to stand up prouder and stronger.”

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