Man Triggered Over Kamala Meme Arrested After Storming University Lecture, Kicking Over Projector

Incident being called 'first Meme hate crime arrest in American history.'

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A man aggravated over a meme of US Vice President Kamala Harris was arrested after he stormed a university lecture and violently kicked over a table holding a projector.

The incident happened earlier this week as political commentator Benny Johnson was showing the meme on screen during a Turning Point USA “Meme Wars” event at the University of Iowa.

As Johnson displayed a meme of Kamala welcoming a busload of migrants, an enraged man entered the room and kicked over the table holding the projector, saying, “Racist ass shit! Fuck you!”

The projector was “smashed…to pieces,” according to Johnson.

Footage shot outside Catlett Residence Hall shows Iowa City police escorting the man in handcuffs to a patrol vehicle.

In an interview with Steve Bannon’s War Room, Johnson dubbed the incident the “first Meme hate crime arrest in American history.”

Johnson described the attack in a Twitter thread saying the “low-T leftist strung-out on pure soy snapped into a violent rage.”

“I watched dispassionately as the libs last drop of testosterone evaporated in an unprovoked kick-attack on an innocent projector. That projector’s crime? Playing memes. Thankfully, no one was hurt by the domestic terrorist attack other than an innocent Panasonic Projector. RIP,” Johnson wrote in a Twitter thread.

The man was identified as university student Travell Wright, according to Breitbart News, who they note uses “he/they” pronouns in his LinkedIn profile.

Here’s the offending meme, which was created after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) sent a busload of illegal aliens to Harris’ home.

“The original, non-meme video showed Harris’ excitement when she saw her campaign bus during the 2020 presidential election,” reports the Daily Caller.

Breitbart reports the University of Iowa “did not immediately respond to Breitbart News’ inquiry about whether it condemns Wright’s actions or if his conduct is considered acceptable behavior representative of university values.”

Evidently playing videos of memes is enough to provoke leftist assaults on college campuses these days, and triggered leftists feel justified to enact violence just because their feelings are hurt.