Man Who Went on Deadly Stabbing Rampage Feared ‘ISIS Was Out to Kill Him’

Authorities deem attack “random act of senseless violence"

Image Credits: WILLIAM WEST/AFP via Getty Images.

Multiple victims are dead and wounded after a man previously known to authorities allegedly embarked on a bloody stabbing spree in Melbourne, Australia.

Mohammed Ibrahim, 34, is believed to have attacked police officers with bladed weapons before killing at least two people in a rampage that spanned miles across the city.

After approaching two officers at a rail station, Ibrahim reportedly slashed one in the face and arm before escaping and hopping a train.

“At about 11:15 pm, he started talking with two women – aged 30 and 31 – getting out of their vehicle at Coppin Grove before stabbing them. The 30-year-old victim died at the scene,” 9 News reports. “Police were then called to reports of a man stabbed near a tram stop in Kew about 12:15 am.”

“That man, 59, died in hospital, while the offender was spotted by police a few hundred metres away, in Walton Street.”

Ibrahim was reportedly shot dead by police during an attempted arrest.

Ibrahim had visited multiple police stations in 2018, claiming a local ISIS cell was “out to kill him,” according to 9 News.

However, Australian police quickly determined there is “zero evidence” the attack can be linked to terrorism.

“There is nothing to suggest at this stage this is nothing less than a random act of senseless violence,” said assistant commissioner Glenn Weir.

“This is a terrible event, this is something that’s just shocking.”

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