Manhunt For Afghani Suspect in Sexual Attack of 10-Year-Old Girl

Suspect reportedly assaulted child in public bathroom

Image Credits: South Australia Police.

Australian police are searching for an Afghani man suspected of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl in a public bathroom while his own young daughters may have also been nearby.

The victim’s mother says her daughter’s “mouth and eyes were covered with tape and her hands were tied behind her head” during the attack, which took place in broad daylight at Blair Athol Sport Community Club during a sports match, the Daily Mail reports.

The girl says she told her assailant that her mother was outside, but he responded that he “didn’t care.” She says she was eventually able to escape and flee on her bicycle.

“She’s very scared, she said a man took her in the toilet,” the mother says. “I’m very stressed, very scared and I am very sad. I want him found.”

A police report describes the suspect, “as an Afghan male, approximately 30 to 50-years-old, with dark hair with a fringe that partially covered his forehead. He was believed to be wearing a grey top, peach shorts and in company with two girls aged between 3 and 5.”

The young girls in the man’s company were reportedly heard referring to him as “dad.”

Police have released a computer-generated image of the suspect, and are seeking the assistance of the Afghan community in finding him, also issuing an audio appeal for tips recorded in Hazaragi/Dari.

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