Marine Le Pen to Trump: ‘Macron Is Not a New Political Cycle, He’s the End of Old One’

'Everyone sees the EU’s project is out of breath and it is cracking from all sides,' she said

Image Credits: Chesnot/Getty Images.

NICE, France — Front National President Marine Le Pen wants to send a kind word of warning to President Donald Trump following the recent state visit of French President Emmanuel Macron to the United States: he’s not the one you want.

Speaking exclusively to Breitbart London following a large rally of supporters in Nice, France, Ms. Le Pen said President Trump “should not be mistaken” about President Macron and his ambitions.

“Macron is not the new cycle [of politics],” she said. “He is the end of the old cycle.”

Speaking to a crowd of over 1500 supporters in the southern French city, Ms. Le Pen talked of the new wave of European populists and patriots ready to take control and govern across the continent.

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