Marines Seize Pacific Island in Training for War With China

Island-hopping tactics rehearsed for Pacific war

Image Credits: U.S. Marine Corps/Gunnery Sgt. T. T. Parish.

The U.S. Marines seized a small Japanese island in a drill vital for an all-out war with China.

Known as Expediationary Advanced Base (EAB) Operations, the exercise is intended to enhance tactics essential to the Pacific theater, said the Corps in a Thursday statement.

“This entire mission profile simulated the process of securing advanced footholds for follow-on forces to conduct further military operations, with rapid redeployment,” said the Corps.

America practicing a modern version of the WWII-era island-hopping strategy is “very relevant,” says Marine Corps Gen. Joseph Dunford.

“It is critical for us to be able to project power in the context of China, and one of the traditional missions of the Marine Corps is seizing advanced bases,” said Dunford. “If you look at the island chains and so forth in the Pacific as platforms from which we can project power, that would be a historical mission for the Marine Corps and one that is very relevant in a China scenario.”

The announcement of U.S. Marines conducting drills was given the same day Dunford called out Google for augmenting China’s military and artificial intelligence capabilities by doing business with them.

“[Googgle working in China] will to lead to intellectual property from that company finding its way to the Chinese military,” said Dunford. “This is about us looking at the second and third-order effects of our business ventures in China, China’s form of government, and the impact that’s going to have on the United States’ ability to maintain a competitive military advantage and all that goes with it.”

Last week, during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, Dunford forecasted a meeting with Google where he will grill the company on its ties with China and remind the tech giant that America is “the good guys.”

“In fact, the way I described it to our industry partners is: Look, we’re the good guys,” Dunford said. “And the values that we represent and the system that we represent is the one that will allow and has allowed you to thrive.”

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