Mask Nazis Spark Violent Fistfight At A Seattle Hardware Store – Video

Liberals upset by masking get up close and personal

Image Credits: infowars.

A dispute over COVID masks erupted into an all-out melee on Sunday after an employee of an Ace Hardware store attacked a customer with a baseball bat.

Footage of the fight shows a customer named Bobby Dixon open the store door and ask an employee, “You gonna hit me with a bat?”

At this point, the employee grabbed the bat and shoved Dixon, shouting, “Fuck you and get out bitch!” before dropping the weapon.

The agitated employee continued his assault, throwing several punches before being taken down by the customer.

Dixon’s friend recorded the encounter, telling the Ace Hardware workers “I got the whole thing on video.”

Detailing the incident to KOMO News, Dixon said he entered the store with a friend who wasn’t wearing a mask.

Employees told the friend to put on a mask or leave and an argument began.

The friend, who argued he is fully vaccinated, left the store and Dixon approached the cashier.

The cashier was allegedly so rude to Dixon, who was wearing a mask, that the customer tried to re-enter the store to talk with a manager, which is where the filming began.

“You work in customer service and if you’re going to be rude, I’m going to take your name down and give it to your boss,” Dixon explained.

The armed attack shocked the young man, who said, “It was actually quite terrifying. I’ve never had anybody come at me with a weapon like that and it was flight or fight and I was trying to get out of there and he kept coming at me super aggressively.”

“I was following the rules. I had my mask on, so to take it out on me, that’s just kind of childish,” Dixon added.

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