Massive Crowd Shouts “Pedophile” at Buckingham Palace Gates, MSM Silent

Rally organized by anti-child trafficking group

Image Credits: Twitter screenshot.

A large gathering of protesters yelled “pedophile” at the gates of Buckingham Palace in London, the home of the royal family.

So far, major mainstream outlets – particularly BBC and Sky News – have been silent on covering the incident.

“Just thought I’d share what is happening in London outside Buckingham palace since you won’t see this on the news because the first news channel that shares this will be sacked!” said one Twitter user.

The event was reportedly organized on Facebook by the anti-child trafficking group ‘Freedom For The Children Global Walk London.’

The march began Saturday afternoon around 1:30 and also included a rally at Parliament Square.

Attendees were encouraged to wear white T-shirts to show solidarity and similar protests were held in Liverpool and Manchester.

The footage has been viewed by millions despite the mainstream media not reporting on the protest.

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