Massive Groups of Illegals Slamming Del Rio Sector

Mobs of up to 400 migrants swarming across border

Image Credits: US Border Patrol.

Huge groups of hundreds of illegal aliens are pouring over the southern border into Texas, according to reports.

During multiple nights this week, mobs of around 400 migrants swarmed Del Rio Sector.

Border Patrol was reportedly overwhelmed by the massive hordes, calling for assistance from Texas law enforcement.

“On a ride along with Texas Highway Patrol working on ranches in Bracketville and a request came in from Border Patrol for help in Eagle Pass because around 500 people illegally crossed the Rio Grande at once. BP has all in custody now,” Town Hall reported Julio Rosas tweeted on Wednesday.

Del Rio Chief Patrol Agent Jason D. Owens shared photos of the group on social media the next morning.

“OVERNIGHT (Again): As a winter storm moves into the area, Eagle Pass agents arrest another group of 400,” Agent Owens wrote on Thursday.

“400 people don’t just coincidentally decide to cross together. These are large-scale events orchestrated by criminal elements for $$.”

Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin obtained video footage of the group from a law enforcement source.

Del Rio sector encounter numbers since 10/1 are up over 200% compared to same time period last year,” he reported.

The major incident followed a similar one in Del Rio Sector on Tuesday night when another group of nearly 400 illegals entered Eagle Pass.

“A common occurrence, now happening daily. Large groups cross the Rio Grande & immediately turn themselves in to agents in Eagle Pass. This time, close to 400 in one group!” CBP agents reportedly told journalist Ali Bradley.

Enormous crowds of migrants have been flooding Del Rio Sector almost every day for at least a week.

“Five more large groups in four days for Del Rio Sector, one had more than 265! Groups that give up all at once like this are extremely taxing on resources, especially for Del Rio Sector, the busiest area of the border so far in 2022!” Agent Owens tweeted on Tuesday.

Del Rio has been the busiest border sector so far in 2022, with authorities apprehending more than 4,400 illegals last weekend alone.

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