Maxine Waters Falsely Claims Jan 6 Capitol Riot Was ‘Organized’ by Trump Campaign

Democrats, intelligence officials working overtime to downplay revelations that FBI deployed operatives within right-wing groups during the Capitol protest.

Image Credits: screenshot/CNN.

Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters (Calif.) claimed without evidence that Saturday that the Capitol riot on January 6 was “organized” by the Trump campaign.

During an appearance on CNN, Waters blasted Republican leadership for not going along with Democrat plans to appoint a commission to investigate the protest.

“I’m told there was organizing taking place right in the Trump campaign,” Waters told CNN anchor Jim Acosta.

“One of the things we know is we need a commission, and they are opposing a commission to find out who all was involved,” she said of Republicans. “Where did the money come from to send busloads of people in? Who supported them in all of this? Where was the organizing taking place?”

“And so if they really are concerned about why our Capitol was invaded, and why there was an insurrection, they would support a commission to find out. But they don’t want to know, because too many of them side with them and support what they have done. And they are not going to call them to task for it.”

“They call themselves patriots, but that speech that you heard me give on the floor—I challenged their patriotism. And I told them that they were not really patriots. And they’re the ones who claim to be more patriotic than anybody else,” she added.

Revolver News recently reported that numerous individuals who participated in the Capitol riot were not charged, suggesting they were FBI informants or assets meant to stir up violence within the crowd.

House Democrats spearheaded a resolution to form a 9/11-style commission to investigate the Jan. 6 riot, but it was blocked by Republicans in the Senate last month.

Democrats are currently wargaming a new strategy to force through some kind of partisan witch hunt related to the events at the Capitol.

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