Media Omits Whoopi Goldberg’s Anti-Vax Slip of The Tongue: ‘People Have Lost Their Kids to This Vaccine’

The freudian slip that never existed.

Image Credits: youtube.

The media ran cover for The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg Monday, ignoring and omitting a freudian slip she made concerning the Covid-19 vaccine.

The former actress and comedian turned heads on The View Monday when she said children were dying from the Covid-19 vaccine.

“That’s not really funny, to people who have lost their kids to this vaccine,” said Goldberg, uttering a Freudian slip after airing a segment from Bill Maher’s HBO show Real Time.

Goldberg’s remark can be heard in the following clip around the 38-second mark.

Inexplicably, several media outlets reporting on Goldberg’s remarks toward Maher edited her vaccine slip of the tongue and omitted the comment, assuming she most likely did not mean to say the vaccines were killing children.

The omissions are par for the course for the obedient mainstream media which bends over backwards to toe the establishment line and promote the United Nations’ vaccine agenda.

The Freudian slip and its subsequent clean-up by the lapdog media is reminiscent of a similar inadvertent remark made last month by WHO Director General Tedros Ghebreyesus, who accidentally uttered, “Some countries are using to give boosters to kill children, which is not right.”

Whoopi Goldberg Says Vaccines Are Killing People