Media Outlet Mocked for Citing ‘Expert’ Who Claimed Hole Dug In Beach by Bored Lads Could Be ‘Meteor Crater’

Irish media reported on 'mysterious' hole that 'caused a stir in North Dublin,' and interviewed local expert who theorized it could be impact crater - however, social media post showed it was dug by beachgoers.

Image Credits: Twitter screenshot.

Media outlets in Ireland breathlessly reported on a large crater on the beach claiming it could be the remnants of a cosmic event like the impact of a meteor, however it turned out it was just a hole dug by a couple of bored beachgoers.

Virgin Media News dedicated airtime to a “mysterious” hole that “caused a stir in North Dublin,” and interviewed a local expert who theorized it could have been caused by a meteor.

The report noted the “huge mysterious crater” intrigued a local “astrophysics enthusiast” who was “certain” a rock found inside the hole “came from up above.”

The local expert explained a “scorch mark” on the rock was an indicator of the angle at which the meteor traveled before landing in the sand.

“And it is weighty,” described the astrophysics fanatic. “I’m not sure of its composition but we’re definitely going to have to find out.”

Footage soon emerged, however, of beachgoers digging the hole in the sand, quickly putting a damper on the celestial speculation.

After news emerged the hole was in fact man-made, the media had to eat crow and walk back their baseless reporting.

When confronted with the hole’s origins the local expert was taken aback, however he said he would still get the rock tested in hopes he could salvage the “discovery.”

The incident is being seen as another example of why you can’t trust the media and its local experts.

An X post by the Mises Caucus was captioned, “The next time someone you know says they trust the ‘experts’ or the news, show them this video.”

The incident certainly makes the case for the old adage, “Don’t believe everything you see on TV,” and should be a cautionary tale for gullible sheep heading into the fall Covid-19/flu vaccine propaganda season.

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