Medical Report on America’s “First Case” of Coronavirus Revealed

Patient was a 35-year-old 'healthy non-smoker'

Image Credits: Samuel Corum / Stringer / Getty.

Other than the alternative media, there has been a profound lack of detailed information on the nature of the Coronavirus that is spreading the globe.

The fact that it is likely man-made is not being discussed, while conflicting reports on the effectiveness of masks proliferate.

This is adding to the growing sense of panic in the general public because of a lack of solid information from government agencies, further degrading trust and social cohesion.

The New England Journal of Medicine published a brief yet detailed medical report on the first “official” case of Coronavirus in the United States in Washington state. The report was published on January 31.

The Journal report reveals that:

  • The patient was a 35-year-old “healthy non-smoker”.
  • The individual had visited family in Wuhan, China before returning to Washington state on January 15.
  • The virus symptoms (which lasted around 13 days) included dry cough, vomiting, loose stool, fever, and eventually pneumonia.
  • The patient was treated with antivirals (specifically remdesivir, an experimental drug), oxygen, and other common drugs like Tylenol to treat symptoms.
  • The report concluded: “As of January 30, 2020, the patient remains hospitalized. He is afebrile (no fever), and all symptoms have resolved with the exception of his cough, which is decreasing in severity.

A graph from the report shows the progression of symptoms.

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