Medicinal Marijuana: Oklahoma Votes To Legalize Cannabis Following Activist-Led Signature Drive

'It is our responsibility as state leaders to look out for the health and safety of Oklahoma citizens'

Tuesday saw Oklahoma elect to legalize medical marijuana, making it the 30th state where cannabis is now legal to use medicinally.

The campaign for State Question 788 seemingly did not have major funding from drug policy reform groups, according to Forbes, the kind of which was seen in other states over several election cycles. More so, it was faced with an opposition that poured about half a million dollars into TV ads seeking to undermine the medicinal use of cannabis, the report said.

“The people of Oklahoma have spoken, and we are here to encourage leadership to be shown… to ensure that a responsible and timely implementation of State Question 788 occurs, respecting the spirit of State Question 788,” Bud Scott,  executive director of New Health Solutions Oklahoma, the cannabis trade association for the state, said according to Journal Times.

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