Meltdown: Trans Lunatic Goes Insane After Popeye’s Employee Calls Him ‘Sir’

'This happens every fu*king day. Everywhere I go, I get called, 'Sir.' I'm so fu*king tired,' says man pretending to be woman.

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A transgender “woman” went into a full-blown unhinged meltdown at a neighborhood Popeye’s filming himself confronting an employee he claimed referred to him as “sir.”

The trans person filmed as he walked into the fast food restaurant to berate the employee, Alex, who he proceeded to shout at and accuse of discrimination.

“I certainly didn’t,” the employee says in his defense.

“This guy called me, ‘Sir,’” the trans man tells the manager, adding, “This happens every fucking day. Everywhere I go, I get called, ‘Sir.’ I’m so fucking tired.”

“Why would you call a chick with big ass tits [sir]?” the trans person continued asking the employee, turning the camera on himself to show he (somehow) has a set of (synthetic) breasts.

“Cis people need to be held accountable for the way they treat trans people, and I’m not going to put up with this shit anymore!” the trans person screamed at the employee.

“You’re crazy, bro,” the employee replies, again triggering the unhinged trans person.

“Don’t call me fucking bro! Stop fucking throwing slurs at me you fucking piece of shit!” the trans person responds.

“Have a good night, sis,” the employee instead tells the trans person as he turns to leave the store.

“No, fuck you! I ain’t your sis! I ain’t your fucking bro! You don’t even fucking know me!” the trans person shoots back.

The clip ends with multiple employees staring at the trans person and filming him before they ask him to leave.

As he exits he claims he’s been subjected to harassment and transphobia.

The event is reminiscent of the infamous 2018 “It’s ma’am” crack up inside a GameStop store where a transgender “woman” claimed he’d been misgendered by an employee who also called him, “Sir.”

The latest incident is illustrative of how woke brainwashing and far left indoctrination are encouraging these individuals with severe identity and mental issues to erratically act out on other members of the public simply because they perceive themselves to have a moral high ground.

The globalists are accelerating their endgame to usher in their One World Government New World Order agenda – and Infowars is key in thwarting their plans.

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