Memes Expose Corporate America Cashing In On LGBTQ Movement

The world sees right through companies who virtue signal for profit

June is Pride Month and this year corporations are taking advantage of the commemorative time by cashing in on the demographic suddenly deemed acceptable by the global establishment.

Nearly every major corporation is running an ad campaign targeting the LGBTQ community and even brands directed at children have joined in.

From Converse to Adidas, Disney and Nickelodeon, there are hundreds of companies suddenly jumping on the bandwagon.

Scroll to the bottom of this article to see some of the advertisements for yourself.

Aside from targeting children, there is nothing wrong with providing products directed toward the LGBTQ crowd, but most people see right through the phony virtue signaling from big corporations.

The following memes highlight the absurdity of this June’s LGBTQ gold rush.



Below are some of the companies promoting their Pride Month products on social media: