Mexican Program Accidentally Proves Covid Vaccine Magnet Theory While Attempting to Debunk It

Hosts on Spanish-language TV show baffled when attempt to debunk goes awry.

Image Credits: bitchute screenshot.

A Mexican news program was attempting to debunk the viral Covid-19 vaccine “magnet challenge” when they accidentally got a metal object to stick to a vaccinated person.

In the broadcast, a TV doctor explains the phenomenon going viral on social media showing metal objects being magnetized to Covid-19 vaccine injection sites.

“But why is this happening?” a Sale el Sol show host asks after seeing a video of a woman sticking a phone up to her arm.

“I don’t know,” Dr. Pepe says, “but let’s see if it happens to me.”

When a metal object fails to stick to his injection site, he asks vaccinated people around him to volunteer for the experiment.

The spoon fails to stick to a woman and two men, but the doctor is baffled when it actually sticks to a fourth volunteer.

“Yes, that’s curious,” the doctor says, allowing the show host to also try the experiment.

Again it sticks to the man’s vaccine injection site.

Dr. Pepe next tests out whether a cell phone would stick to the injection site, which it does.

“In truth, I don’t know,” Dr. Pepe says, failing to come up with an explanation for the phenomenon.

Add the video to the growing body of evidence showing this bizarre phenomenon is occurring in the vaccinated population.

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