Mexico Busts Smuggler Driving Fake Ambulance Packed With Migrants

28 Nicaraguan migrants found inside phony medical transport

Image Credits: Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images.

A fake ambulance carrying dozens of migrants was busted in Mexico last week, according to reports.

The incident unfolded on Saturday night in Oaxaca, a state that lies near Guatemala along the Pacific coast.

Authorities pulled over a suspicious vehicle “painted with fake logos from a government hospital network,” Mexico’s Ministry of the Interior said.

“In Jalapa de Marqués, Oaxaca, inside a cloned vehicle with ambulance logos – to try to evade immigration checks – 28 foreigners were located,” the Instituto Nacional de Migración explained in a bulletin.

The passengers were identified as all coming from Nicaragua.

At least nine unaccompanied minors were located in the group.

More than 3,000 illegal migrants from around the world were taken into custody by Mexican authorities during a 48-hour span over the weekend.

Many of the migrants were found hiding in trucks and cargo transports, including 334 inside a trailer in Alvarado, 54 in a bus in Acayucan, and 65 inside another trailer on a highway between Matehuala and Monterrey.

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