Mexico: Migrants Now Buying Cars to Cross Border Instead of Paying Smugglers

“Who wants to pay $18,000 to a smuggler? We’ve always known about this.”

Image Credits: Omar Martinez/picture alliance via Getty Images.

Migrants from around the world are buying cars in Mexico with the intention of driving them to the U.S. border, according to reports.

Human traffickers are reportedly demanding as much as $18,000 from migrants hoping to reach the U.S., so some are using their money to purchase vehicles and transport themselves instead.

“They are buying cars and crossing the border,” one migrant named Alma told Border Report.

Another woman staying at a migrant shelter in Tijuana said she “heard of a woman with two kids who bought a car and drove it to the border.”

“She asked for asylum and is now living on the other side.”

The practice was apparently popularized by migrants from Russia and Ukraine and word of their success spread amongst other prospective ‘asylum seekers’ in Mexico.

“Now, Central Americans and migrants from Mexico are taking advantage of it,” explained Albert Riviera, a migrant activist in Tijuana.

Migrants reportedly drive to a port of entry and tell U.S. border agents they have no documentation or legal entitlement to enter the country, and after they are referred for additional inspection, they claim asylum.

“A lot of people are crossing the border that way,” a recently-deported illegal alien told Border Report.

“Who wants to pay $18,000 to a smuggler? We’ve always known about this.”

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas just told the Senate Judiciary Committee he expects more than two million people will have attempted to illegally cross the southern border by the end of 2021.

President Donald Trump recently asserted the number could be closer to 12 million.

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