Migrant Bragged About Driving Drunk Moments Before Deadly Crash

Suspect was reportedly granted asylum in US

Image Credits: Screenshot / Facebook.

A man who was seen drinking beer and touting his drunk-driving skills moments before a fatal accident had recently been granted asylum in the United States, according to reports.

Camilo Morejon, 47, has been charged with three counts of intoxicated manslaughter and one count of intoxicated assault after a deadly wreck on the morning of Oct. 25th in Harris County, Texas, according to KPRC.

Morejon was reportedly driving a car occupied by his girlfriend and two friends as he swilled from a beer bottle in a video posted on Facebook.

In Spanish, he can be heard telling his companions he drives better when he is drinking.

Roughly five minutes later, the Honda Morejon was piloting reportedly slammed into a pickup truck, seriously injuring the other driver and killing all three of Morejon’s passengers.

“It’s very rare that we see actions of the defendant that close in time to a horrific crash like that but it’s what happens it’s what goes on moments before lives are lost,” said Harris Country prosecutor Sean Teare.

Morejon arrived in the U.S. among a wave of illegal aliens in 2018 and filed for asylum as a refugee from Cuba, according to information provided by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to The Blaze.

Morejon was reportedly granted asylum on Mar. 15, 2019, and received an employment authorization document on Sept. 25, 2020.

“This man never produced any documentation that he even hailed from Cuba,” a senior DHS official told The Blaze. “We barely know anything about him, yet he was waived through and was on track for citizenship when he allegedly murdered three Americans.”

“This is the problem with policies that are left over from the Cold War designed to undermine Castro being in place at a time when the Cuban regime may be sending criminals to undermine us.”

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