Migrants Chanting “Biden” Storm US-Mexico Border Crossing

Hundreds of 'asylum seekers' demand entry to US during border rush

Image Credits: HERIKA MARTINEZ / Contributor / Getty.

Hundreds of migrants rushed a border crossing near El Paso, Texas, last week and demanded entry to the United States, according to officials.

At around 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, a mob of Cuban migrants stormed through a toll plaza on the Mexican side of the Paso del Norte Bridge, which links Juarez to El Paso.

The crossing was shut down for roughly eight hours by Customs and Border Protection as around 200 migrants gathered on the bridge chanting, “We want to pass!” and also, “Biden, Biden.”

“They were under the erroneous impression they would be allowed to pass. I don’t know if someone played a joke on them or if they really had those expectations,” said Enrique Valenzuela, head of the Chihuahua State Population Council, according to Border Report.

“Many are desperate because of their prolonged stay, because their court appointments have been suspended in the United States because of COVID. Others have placed high hopes on the (Biden) administration. We know this because we talked to several of them last night.”

Government officials and border security advocates have been warning of a new surge at the southern border as prospective migrants and human traffickers anticipate a Biden administration which would likely work to rapidly dismantle President Trump’s immigration framework.

“These humanitarian agreements demonstrate the Trump administration’s unwavering efforts to secure America’s borders from illegal entry by working closely with our regional partners,” CBP chief Mark Morgan explained while announcing a new asylum cooperation agreement with Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.

“Without these agreements, we will likely see waves of attempted illegal entries similar to 2019.”

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