Migrants Making Parts of France “Unlivable” – Brazil’s Next President

Migrants culturally dominating France, says Jair Bolsonaro

Image Credits: Lucas Barioulet / AFP / Getty Images.

Brazilian President-elect Jair Bolsonaro says migrants are not integrating in France but instead are making parts of the country uninhabitable for native French.

During a Facebook livestream, the man dubbed “Tropical Trump” offered his opinion of the cultural and societal damage migrants from Africa and the Middle East are doing to the European country, echoing sentiments that are held by many but rejected by globalists and leftists.

“You know how those people are, right?” Bolsonaro said. “They have something in them — they don’t give up their roots and they want to make their culture, their acquired rights and their privileges prevail.”

“Everybody knows what is happening in France. Some parts of France are simply unlivable.”

“France is suffering because of that,” he continued. “Part of the population, part of the military, some of the institutions are starting to complain about that. We don’t want that for Brazil.”

France has been rocked by the ‘Yellow Vests’ protests for weeks now, sparked in part by the French citizenry’s rejection of mass migration and a stunning demographic shift that has spawned ‘no-go zones’ across the country, degraded quality of life for many, and led to a slew of jihadist attacks that have killed over 230 people since 2015.

A group of ranking French military officers, including 11 generals and a former minister of defense, recently penned an open letter to President Emmanuel Macron, accusing him of committing “treason” in signing on to the UN Compact on Migration, which could facilitate an endless flow of migrants into France.

While Brazil’s current administration also signed the migration pact in mid-December, Bolsonaro, who takes office on January 1, has vowed to withdraw from the agreement.

“Unfortunately, Brazil… signed the pact,” Bolsonaro said. “We are not against migrants, but we must have very rigorous criteria for those entering Brazil. We are going to denounce and revoke this pact on migration.”

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