Mike Lindell Breaks the News that Charges Have Been Dropped Against Election Software CEO Accused of Chinese Collusion

My Pillow CEO also breaks down evidence of massive voter fraud coverups in multiple key races.

Image Credits: Infowars.com.

Mike Lindell of mypillow.com (promo code ALEX) joined The Alex Jones Show to expose evidence of massive voter fraud coverups.

Reuters reports on the Konnech CEO’s charges being dropped:

Los Angeles prosecutors have dismissed charges against the head of a Michigan election software company in a case that right-wing groups say shows proof of voting system vulnerabilities, citing “potential bias” in the investigation.

Eugene Yu, chief executive of Konnech Inc, was charged last month with two felonies for allegedly violating the company’s contract with Los Angeles County by transferring election workers’ personal information to servers in China.

Conservative organizations and election deniers have cited the prosecution as vindication of their warnings about the vulnerability of U.S. elections, including hacking by China and other foreign adversaries.

Lindell on Tuesday highlighted bizarre anomalies in multiple races during live election night coverage, blaming losses Republicans sustained on electronic voting machines that were likely tampered with.