Minneapolis City Council Votes to Eliminate Police Dept. Spokesperson Position

City council seeks to control information flowing from police to public

Image Credits: Stephen Maturen/Getty Images.

The Minneapolis Police Department will no longer have a public spokesperson if the city council has its way.

Councilmembers voted unanimously on Wednesday to eliminate the position via budget amendment, according to Fox 9.

“We need to safeguard and rebuild public trust,” said Councilman Jeremy Schroeder, who co-authored the amendment.

“And right now shifting these operations to the city rather than the MPD is one thing we can do to restore trust, and save costs in the process.”

Councilmembers claim police spokespersons have spread misinformation about crimes and controversial incidents, such as the events surrounding the death of George Floyd, and believe they should hold greater control over the flow of information available to the media and general public.

“People do ask how often this happens,” said Councilman Jeremiah Ellison, son of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison.

“If we are going to start anywhere when it comes to public safety, the bare minimum we can do is to start being honest about the information that comes out of our department.”

Inside sources tell local media they “see the move as a way for the council to control the communications and messaging of a police department that is largely under the control of the Mayor.”

The amendment will reportedly face another vote on Friday.

Members of the Minneapolis City Council recently enlisted private security firms at taxpayer expense after voting unanimously to dismantle the city’s police department, as Infowars reported last month.

The city has seen an explosive rise in violent crime in the weeks since the death of George Floyd was used to ignite international demonstrations and chaos.

Tony Robbins came under fire from a leftist twitter mob after tweeting out an Infowars story full of well-cited facts.

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