Minneapolis Spending Millions to Hire More Police Amid Crime Surge, Officer Shortage

City council unanimously approves $6.4 million for new officers after vowing to 'dismantle' police department

Image Credits: KEREM YUCEL/AFP via Getty Images.

The Minneapolis City Council unanimously approved a request for $6.4 million to hire new law enforcement officers just months after voting to strip millions from the police budget.

Dozens of law enforcement officers will be hired in the coming months to accommodate for a shortage of nearly 200 cops this year.

Violent crime, including shootings and homicides, has surged since the Minneapolis City Council announced plans to “dismantle” the police department in the wake of ‘George Floyd’ riots that rocked the city last May.

The police department says it began the year with a total of 817 officers – 60 fewer than 2020 – but just 638 are available to work due to resignations, retirements, and extended leaves.

“An unprecedented number of officers quit or went on an extended medical leave — many for PTSD claims — after Floyd’s death, rioting that led to the burning of a police precinct, and calls to end the city’s Police Department,” the Star Tribune reports.

The council reportedly approved the funding request “without any discussion” during a meeting on Friday.

In October, residents of Minneapolis filed a lawsuit against the city alleging police patrols had fallen below required minimums – a claim which officials denied.

In December, the council voted to cut $8 million from the city’s police budget, vowing to redirect funds from the mayor’s $179 million policing plan to “violence prevention and other programs.”

The move came just days after it was revealed that carjackings in the city had exploded by 537 percent the previous month.

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