Minneapolis Target Store Ransacked by Rioters Features Mural Celebrating Rioters


Image Credits: Michael Tracey via Twitter.

The Minneapolis Target store that was infamously ransacked by looters last year now proudly displays a mural celebrating those same rioters.

Yes, really.

As we highlighted last year, the store was reopened with the goal of catering more to black shoppers and being less “racist.”

After a newly formed “racial justice committee” sought to tackle Target’s reputation of appealing primarily to white suburban shoppers, efforts were made to make the store more welcoming for black people while also stocking more products made by black-owned brands.

Part of this facelift included a new mural at the front of the store meant to represent the new ethos of the brand.

Now we know what that looks like – the mural features the words ‘Together We Build’ as well as a depiction of two BLM protesters holding an “I can’t breathe” sign.

The mural also depicts protesters with their fists raised triumphantly in the air while buildings around them are on fire.

“The figures in the piece symbolize protesters, who could be any of us,” according to one of the artists who worked on the display.

“The piece was created by Minneapolis-based nonprofit Juxtaposition Arts, which goes by JXTA,” reports Alpha News. “The multi-million dollar organization seeks to empower black youth to create activist art. This apparently includes teaching kids how to write graffiti during a three week summer camp, printing Black Lives Matter T-shirts and more.”

“JXTA also flies a flag that mimics the color scheme of the ones often carried by the New Black Panthers and other paramilitary black nationalist groups like the Not Fucking Around Coalition.”

Apparently, the mural was only supposed to be a “temporary” addition, but it is still there today.



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