Mob of Migrants Stone Police Patrol on French Beach

Dozens of migrants attempted to cross English Channel attack French police

Image Credits: Stefan Rousseau/PA Images via Getty Images.

French officers were seriously injured when a large mob of migrants attacked their patrol vehicle on a beach this week near Calais, according to reports.

The harrowing incident unfolded on Thursday in Oye-Plage, a commune on the English Channel.

Dozens of migrants were preparing to launch a boat into the Channel in hopes of reaching England when they were confronted by gendarmes on patrol.

The migrants began pelting a beach buggy in which officers were riding, causing it to crash, Le Figaro reports.

“The windshield of one of the buggies shattered following the throwing of a stone,” according to the Saint-Omer prosecutor’s office.

“It swerved into soft sands, causing it to roll over.”

The assault “continued on the three gendarmes stuck in the buggy before a rapid intervention by their colleagues to free them.”

At least 38 migrants were taken into custody at the scene.

Three officers suffered various injuries during the attack.

An investigation is ongoing.

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