Mom Shoots Pedophile in Daughter’s Room, ‘Blowing Off Most of His Head’

'Can you imagine confronting a rapist in your child’s bedroom?'

Image Credits: flickr, mad_house_photography.

A mother used a single blast from a shotgun to remove the head of a 53-year-old pedophile after allegedly catching him in the act of assaulting her 12-year-old daughter.

The man, a registered sex offender, died immediately.

ABC News 14 reports that the woman heard “a commotion” in her Morgantown, West Virginia, home, so she grabbed her shotgun and went to investigate. Upon reaching her daughter’s room, she allegedly saw the man “struggling with her daughter.”

The man then turned toward the mother, “at which point she fired directly into his face, blowing off most of his head.”

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