More bad news for Kamala Harris as new poll finds her popularity falling further and only 40 percent of voters think she is qualified to be president

Image Credits: Al Drago/Getty Images.

A new poll on Vice President Kamala Harris finds her popularity falling further and that only 40 per cent of voters believe she’s qualified to take over President Joe Biden’s job. 

A Rasmussen Reports survey conducted between December 5-6 found that 39 per cent of likely U.S. voters held a favorable opinion of the veep, two points lower than her 41 per cent standing in August. 

Fifty-seven percent now view the vice president unfavorably, including 50 per cent of voters who view her very unfavorably. 

Nineteen per cent of respondents said they held a very favorable view of the vice president. 

Additionally, 23 per cent of those surveyed said they believed she was very qualified to step in and become president of the United States, with another 17 per cent calling her somewhat qualified.  

But another 46 per cent said she wasn’t qualified at all to be president. 

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Nine per cent said Harris was somewhat qualified.  

Not surprisingly, Democrats view Harris more favorably than Republicans. The December survey found that 75 per cent of Democratic voters held a favorable opinion of Harris, compared to just 14 per cent of GOP voters.   

The poll also found that only 25 per cent of voters not affiliated with either major party viewed Harris favorably – which could show that she has weak support among independents if she tries to launch a future presidential run. 

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