More Disgusting Police Brutality in Australia as Orange Vest Protests Continue

MP calls for federal investigation.

Image Credits: Video Screenshot.

There were more disgraceful examples of police brutality in Australia as construction workers continued to protest against the shut down of their industry and mandatory vaccinations.

Constructions workers in the state of Victoria were told by their union they’d be forced to get the COVID-19 jab or face being fired, prompting major unrest in Melbourne.

In another slap in the face, the government then announced a two week shut down of construction work to punish the protesters.

Demonstrators hit the streets again today but were met with yet more vulgar examples police brutality, including one incident caught on camera where a protester who was already pinned to the ground was stuck by a knee to the back from a riot cop who took a run up.

Police again fired rubber bullets at protesters (because they’re so concerned about their health).

Authorities have deployed police usually reserved for counter-terror operations to deal with the demonstrators.

Anyone who looks like a ‘tradie’ (a construction worker) is being harassed on the street.

Cops are keeping people ‘safe’ by violently attacking them.

Craig Kelly MP of the United Australia Party is calling for a federal investigation into police brutality, calling their behavior “unacceptable, unAustralian & illegal.”

Thanks to COVID lockdowns and mandatory vaccinations, Australia has fallen.



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