More Freedom Convoys Launch In Europe & Australia To Shut Down COVID Tyranny

Canada's anti-COVID mandate movement sparked by the truckers has gone global, with convoys spotted in the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, and Australia.

Image Credits: IvanSpasic/getty Images; screenshot.

More Freedom Convoys are reportedly springing up in Europe and Australia in the wake of the 50,000-strong convoy of Canadian truckers who descended upon Ottawa over the weekend to fight against draconian COVID mandates.

Worldwide support for the Canadian truckers began manifesting in the Netherlands, where convoys of semi-trucks were spotted rallying against the country’s COVID vaccine passports.

Freedom Convoys were also spotted in Italy and Germany on Sunday.

The newly-formed European Freedom Convoy released a unifying statement on Sunday outlining a plan to rally in Brussels and occupy the city until all COVID restrictions are lifted.

“This is not about vax or anti-vax, it is about people’s right to choose,” the group stated. “This is not about politics, this is about the freedom of the human race.”

This is in addition to protests already sweeping across the Dutch nation.

According to the group’s Telegram post, convoys are also being organized in the United States, France, Finland, and Czechoslovakia.

Meanwhile, Australians, who have endured some of the harshest COVID restrictions in the world, are mobilizing their own Freedom Convoy.

The Australian Freedom Convoy already raised over $150,000 on GoFundMe to support their journey and occupation of Australia’s capital of Canberra, which they announced will take place on January 31.

And where is the mainstream media coverage of these unprecedented and historic developments?

They’re blaming the Freedom Convoy movement on Russia.

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