More Illegal Boat Migrants Landed Last Week in Britain Than All of 2019

Image Credits: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images.

The crisis in the English Channel saw more illegal boat migrants cross from France last week than the entire year of 2019, as Home Secretary Priti Patel is finally set — she claims — to implement a turn back the boats approach.

In the week leading up to September 10th, a total of 1,959 illegal aliens crossed the Channel in small rubber boats, taking the total for the year to around 14,500, compared with 8,400 for all of last year.

Analysis conducted by The Telegraph found that the number of illegal arrivals was four times higher than the same seven day period last year when around 500 landed. The massive increase in illegal boat migration also means that more illegals arrived last week than in all of 2019 when an estimated 1,890 arrived by boat.

With at least 50 more migrants landing on British shores on Monday, the total for September has already surpassed the monthly total for September of last year.

It comes as the Home Office is making preparations to enact the turn back the boats approach long advocated by Brexit leader Nigel Farage.

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